Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mother of the Year

I usually don't call myself Mother of the Year in a flattering way, typically I am pointing at myself saying, "nice one"- how did you get to be a mother?

However this time, I am impressed with myself.

You see... Blue Eyes is attending day camp and each Friday of the session the kids dress up in tune with the week's theme. Having run camps a good part of my adult life, I feel it is important for our family to be supportive and to play along. (Blue Eyes doesn't have a chance either- both his Dad and I have made fools of ourselves in front of hundreds of children in the name of camp spirit).

The first theme of the summer was Hollywood Stars, the campers were to dress as a TV, movie or music star. Easy enough... Blue Eyes went as a "Rock Star" -- I think it may have had something to do with Guitar Hero sessions with his brother and Dad.

Costume was easy (remember it is 114 degrees outside!) He wore denim shorts, a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a fleece headband (made out of scrap material) that flowed down below his shoulders. I added a "soul patch" on that virgin chin and he was good to go!

Last Friday was dress as your favorite animal. I thought, cool , we have a costume box in the garage and I know there is a giraffe costume in there and maybe even some other critter costumes. (You know once a camp director...). So... morning coffee in hand, I am searching the garage for the darn costume box... I know it is here, just saw it.... hmm... searching high and low, a little sweaty now, did I mention it is HOT in the desert in the summer? I still can't find the darn box.
Magoo is suppposed to be picked up in a few minutes for his last day of summer school. Now I am dripping sweat and my hair is getting frizzy! So much for the morning shower. I have to get Blue Eyes into a costume, drop him off at camp, drop The Princess off at pre-school and then get to the summer school campus for Magoo's presentation.

No box... now what? Where the heck is the costume box? Can't find it...

We will punt! Do we have black material? Yes, I have some black velvet from a wrap I made a few years ago. Black head band, check. Black T-shirt, check. White towel, check. Glue gun, check, scissors, check. Here we go.

Cut ears out of velvet, glue to headband. Turn t-shirt inside out, cut out tag, cut odd shapes out of towel, glue to shirt. Cut tail out of black velvet, glue to shirt. Almost done- add a few white towel spots to the ears.

Time for camp-- backpack with lunch, towel, trunks, rash guard and sunscreen, check. Now, get in the car! Let's go, go, go!

Here is our puppy!

Not bad for a 20 min effort.

Bad news... everyone thought he was a cow. Did they not look at his ears? Don't some dogs have large spots?
Found the costume box, TDH put it up in the garage attic. (Never thought to look there). My brain cells were dying due to heat exhaustion! Another costume to add to the box- I will be changing the ears on the headband--- we will now have bovine ears.

Mother of the Year- for that day!

Tomorrow's dress up theme...
Red, White and Blue-- I am ALL over that one!


Lula! said...

He is TOTALLY a dog. And you are TOTALLY mother of the year.

Please come to southwest Virginia for Halloween...we'll need your expertise.

Have a great 4th!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

You are right. You are the winner. Lucky kids.

Heather said...

Yep. He's a dog for sure. No question about it!! You did a great job!