Saturday, July 9, 2011

Missing my Boys

It has been a very long time since my last post. As a matter of fact, I haven't written in so long I almost couldn't get back into my blog- I couldn't remember the email address I used or my pass word... I was definitely feeling somewhat lame. Blogspot has made all of these changes too!

What's new here in beautiful La Quinta? Since my last post we adopted two kittens- originally though to be short hair- absolutely NOT short hairs. We adopted them more than a year ago - I will save them for another time.
Blue Eyes

Back to my boys. They have been away at camp for almost 3 weeks. Enjoying "cooler life" (in every sense of the word) on Catalina Island. We are so grateful that they are able to have the opportunity, more than the activities that they participate in - and believe me they do some incredible activities, it is the profound changes that we see when they return from camp that really make a difference.

They both develop relationships with campers and staff. They learn how to live in a group environment, sharing living quarters and group decision making are part of the mix- I notice that they are able to negotiate conflict a little better on the mainland and that they understand more fully how to be a part of a group, whether they are navigating family, their classroom, the martial arts studio or a sports team, the camp experience has helped them to learn new coping skills that they hone each year.

This year I have seen them physically grow too! Hiking, swimming, hanging on high ropes, kayaking, snorkeling all in a day's schedule at camp. Just what they need... fresh air, physical exercise, friendships, wholesome food and young adults who guide them through decision making and choices.

As much as camp is a great opportunity- one that I want them to have... I truly miss them. The house is quieter and calmer and the princess seems a little lost without her big brothers. All in all, it has been a good 3 weeks for all of us, though I am looking forward to picking them up at the boat on Monday!!

Make the best of your day,

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confessions of a Facebook addict

Been gone awhile.
I just realized that it has been MONTHS since I last blogged. In a work conversation today I was talking about setting up a blog for our organization and it occurred to me that I had not checked in for at least 2 seasons! Fall and winter have passed, we are approaching the end of spring and we are almost to summer -- I have neglected the Blog.
No excuses- just life! I can't believe I didn't share about the holidays, crazy kid stories, ridiculous issues of everyday and just the same ol' "mom stuff" that makes me crazy!
I am going to try to pick up and chronicle more of my life, I really started this to develop a keepsake for my kids and lately I have to admit-- it has been "all about me", I have been cheating... With facebook.

At first it was a casual affair, once in a while, then once a week, once a day and now multiple times a day. I am connecting with my girl friends, professional colleagues, acquaintances, college friends, extended family and even high school friends - from too many years ago!
I think I have it under control, but then... I jsut can't help myself. Someone posts something that gets my attention and it is like a shiny object, it catches my attention and I can't let go. I had to stop the automatic email notices- too distracting at work!
I am sorry blog. I promise to come back to you, I will treat you right!
I will try, I will try!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Makes Me Smile

Love these kids!

We were able to do some vacationing this summer. We drove to Northern CA and part of our trip included attedning the Sonoma County Fair.

We rode rides... ate fair food and the Princess even rode a pony!

We visited Fort Ross way up the coast, just below the exclusive Sea Colony.

It was an amazing place. The best part was being together- all five of us!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Little Cowgal

The princess went on a field trip not too long ago to a ranch.

She met Dolly the Pig,

Chester the horse

and many more friends.

She even wanted to drive the golf cart in her cowboy hat.

She had an amazing experience and is still talking about it!

I just LOVE the expression on her face.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Should go back to bed!

Monday morning blues...
My week started with a meeting with my national CEO, my incoming board chair and a pretty important community member-- 135 miles away.

I got ready, popped the princess into the car and headed over to pre-school/day care only to find a note on the front door.


I left myself a little wiggle room, but certainly not enough to find somewhere from my daughter all day. Yikes!

Quickly I called the director's cell phone to find out she got a flat tire and was actually at the tire place having it fixed. I requested that she pick up my daughter when she got done and began to race home to leave the princess with my wonderful niece and the boys.

Race is the operative word... oh yes, clocked going 68 in a 50! And 72 in a 50! Just what I need-- 20 mins taken from my already evaporating morning so that i can have a speeding ticket.

I was about 20 mins late to my meeting-- made it safe and sound, in one piece, however a little frustrated!

I wanted to go back to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome SITSta's

Oh my!
I just got the email that I am being featured on The SITS Saucy Blog of recipes...

Glad I checked my email-- I have jury duty this week and almost missed it.

Welcome friends- thanks for dropping in. Feel free to stay awhile.

I love to cook and on occasion I will post a recipe that I love and feel the need to share.

Thanks again-- I will try to come and visit you too!


We went to see one of our favorite bands ever last weekend!


The show was in Arrowhead, California- outdoor venue, easy, easy, easy. The group is family friendly and they create harmonies to die for! The mountain temps sure beat the desert too!

We made it a celebration- it was TDH's brother's birthday and the whole family went, about 20 of us. The kids love their cousin time and the parents love that we all get along so well. It is always a great time.

I am so lucky that I married into such a beautiful family!

We had great fun spending time together with our little clan too...

Venice is amazing... truly, check out their website at: