Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Should go back to bed!

Monday morning blues...
My week started with a meeting with my national CEO, my incoming board chair and a pretty important community member-- 135 miles away.

I got ready, popped the princess into the car and headed over to pre-school/day care only to find a note on the front door.


I left myself a little wiggle room, but certainly not enough to find somewhere from my daughter all day. Yikes!

Quickly I called the director's cell phone to find out she got a flat tire and was actually at the tire place having it fixed. I requested that she pick up my daughter when she got done and began to race home to leave the princess with my wonderful niece and the boys.

Race is the operative word... oh yes, clocked going 68 in a 50! And 72 in a 50! Just what I need-- 20 mins taken from my already evaporating morning so that i can have a speeding ticket.

I was about 20 mins late to my meeting-- made it safe and sound, in one piece, however a little frustrated!

I wanted to go back to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

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