Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confessions of a Facebook addict

Been gone awhile.
I just realized that it has been MONTHS since I last blogged. In a work conversation today I was talking about setting up a blog for our organization and it occurred to me that I had not checked in for at least 2 seasons! Fall and winter have passed, we are approaching the end of spring and we are almost to summer -- I have neglected the Blog.
No excuses- just life! I can't believe I didn't share about the holidays, crazy kid stories, ridiculous issues of everyday and just the same ol' "mom stuff" that makes me crazy!
I am going to try to pick up and chronicle more of my life, I really started this to develop a keepsake for my kids and lately I have to admit-- it has been "all about me", I have been cheating... With facebook.

At first it was a casual affair, once in a while, then once a week, once a day and now multiple times a day. I am connecting with my girl friends, professional colleagues, acquaintances, college friends, extended family and even high school friends - from too many years ago!
I think I have it under control, but then... I jsut can't help myself. Someone posts something that gets my attention and it is like a shiny object, it catches my attention and I can't let go. I had to stop the automatic email notices- too distracting at work!
I am sorry blog. I promise to come back to you, I will treat you right!
I will try, I will try!