Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is a Great Day

So... I run a non-profit organization, mostly from my home office, with a lot of help from a wonderful, competent staff of 2 plus a consultant. We all pretty much work remotely. It works with independent, self directed and motivated staff. (Let's us all have lives too).

In March, my Board of Directors decided (with my utmost support) that we should start a campership program to send low-income children from Southern California and Hawaii to summer camp.

We set a goal of raising $25,000 to send 100 kids to camp.

As of yesterday we had raised about $14,000, mostly from individuals and very generous board members.

Well... today... I got the word that a grant that I wrote was approved and we are going to recieve $20,000. WOW!!!


We will help 100 low-income children go to summer camp this summer! We will get to help positively shape the future of 100 lives... today my hard work is worth it! (AND we can seed next year's fundraising efforts to send even more kids to camp).

Today I know that 100 children will get the opportunity to enjoy the authenticy of childhood- preserve the right of passage- they will get to go to camp!

I am in the clouds, energized to keep going... motivated!!!

I am going to toast to this!

I am so thankful for all of the individuals who gave generously and the foundation who validated the camp experience as worthwhile and necessary for 100 more children this summer.

Off to pop the cork!

Happy Friday the 13th.


Mrs. R said...

YEAH! This is AWESOME. Congrats girl. You are a grant writing machine. Maybe you should start a consulting firm and write grants for you don't have enough other stuff to do...

Neurotically Yours: said...

Congratulations - that is FANTASTIC!!

Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment - I appreciate it!

Laura La Quinta said...

How totally awesome! It's so cool to have such satisfaction at work. There are some days that karma is on our side and the gods smile upon us. Congrats, girlfriend.

Kandace said...

OMGosh that is AWE!SOME!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

You are amazing. Sometimes we work so hard for something, but the timing is wrong and it fizzles. But then those times when everything clicks and we exceed our expectations? Priceless. Congrats.