Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh to be Seven

Blue Eyes turned 7 last week and had the time of his life!

We had a birthday pool party and he got to invite his entire first grade class and his buddies from karate.

It was great to have 18 children here celebrating the middle child's special day! I have to thank my sister and her beau for lifeguarding! Thanks CC and Ron!!!

The other thing I love about entertaining is that the cleaning lady came (wooo hooo) and the house got some much needed tender lovin' care. I do think I should consider having the cleaning lady back the day after the party too!

Back to Blue Eyes... on Friday night before bed - after much partying, he said, "Mom, this is my BEST birthday ever!"
My heart sang with that expression. He is such a sweet boy.

Costco pizza, watermelon, pool games, bean bag toss, diving for objects in the pool, friends, family, triple decker chocolate cake, friends, surprise visit from She Hing Danielle, presents, a little junk food, yummy appetizers... the wii after most guests left, just hanging with friends who are like brothers, all a part of the evening.

Guitar Hero was purchased with birthday money and gift cards on Saturday-- now I live with real rock legends! The boys disappeared into their bedroom and didn't come out except for food, beverage and facilities... Magoo is a master of a dozen songs and Blue Eyes is on his way.

Let me tell you I tried the wretched Guitar Hero. I STINK (I want my kids to be able to read this or I would use a different word to describe my skill that doesn't exist). TDH and I told the boys we were both going to call in sick one day this week and spend the day practicing! Pathetic I tell you-- just plain sad. I used to play the guitar for campfire with hundreds of children singing along- I could keep up then, not even close for GH.

My mom and step dad traveled to the desert to share the weekend with us and on Sunday afternoon Blue Eyes and I had a little conversation something like this...

Me: "So Blue Eyes, tell me what was the best part of this best birthday weekend"

Blue Eyes: "Grandma and Grandpa coming and staying with us!"

Yes, he said that! No prompting from me or TDH, those beautiful sweet words came from my babe. Oh, there are days when he makes me crazy-- don't they all -- and at this, I just wanted to hug him!


The rlmmmmcaress family said...

How sweet. My husband wants me to entertain every week because he claims it is the only time my house gets REALLY clean. What a sweetheart.

Mrs. R said...

I can't believe that he is SEVEN! What a fun way for a sweet boy to celebrate!